Fashion Photography in Renton, Washington

The success behind the portfolios of most models usually lies in the hands of an excellent fashion photography photographer. This niche of photography is all about showing off fashion attire and accessories to its best possible effect, enhancing them using light and cameras. Over a period of time, fashion photography develops its aesthetic with improvement of models, clothes, lighting and themes, enhanced by the utilization of exotic locales, staged settings and stylized posing.

Many people work in conjunction with fashion photography agencies to create their catalogs. These catalogs are designed to show the newest trends in clothing as well as accessories from all over the world. Most fashion houses and photojournalists buy the photos from these catalogs and publish them in their magazines. Some of the magazines that publish these catalogs include: Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Allure, Seventeen, More Magazine and CEW.

Some other categories of fashion photography in Renton, Washington include photojournalism, portraiture, fashion displays and advertising campaigns. A photojournalist often undertakes shoots which are carried out in foreign countries or exotic locales. Portraiture is usually undertaken in a studio while a fashion photographer may go out and shoot anywhere. He may also choose to use many different media such as film, video, TV and stills to cover different events and scenes.

The other category of fashion photography includes fashion shoots which are undertaken in the artist’s home or studio. In this genre, the most common techniques used by an American photographer are black and white photography, portrait photography and still photography. Black and white photography mainly entails shooting pictures using non-image brightening filters and exposure meters, whereas portrait photography involves photographing people in their natural environment. Still photography can be classified according to lighting techniques. Some photographers may only use artificial light, whereas others may also use natural light.

American street fashion photography covers both men and women. Men mostly focus on shooting images of male celebrities such as athletes, bodybuilders, rock stars and actors. Women on the other hand focus on shooting images of fashion models and other celebrities. There are also photographers who specialize in landscape and nautical images. The genres of fashion photography include fashion magazines, style shoots, photojournalism and portraits.

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