Wedding Photography in Renton, Washington

As most of you may know, the cost of weddings can be quite high. Fortunately, there are a few ways to cut down on your expenses without having to sacrifice quality. One way to lower the costs without sacrificing wedding photography quality is to ask the bride and groom to do a few things on their own, like taking pictures at the rehearsal dinner, giving each other a peek at the back of the photo shoot, etc. In some cases, the bride and groom can do all of these on their own, saving you the cost of hiring a photographer.

Traditional Wedding Photography. When you look at wedding picture albums, they’ll tend to contain a great deal of conventional shots. These are generally posed and classic, like group shots of everyone with the wedding party and the bride and groom… in classic hand-held style. Today, there are so many more options for wedding photography in Renton, Washington, however. The days of taking traditional candid photos may be coming to an end, but there are still plenty of options for candid photography, including a number of different types.

Informal Wedding Photography. This style of wedding photography is one where the photographer is capturing the excitement of a wedding without necessarily giving the viewer any kind of information about who the couples are or what they do for a living. Often, this type of photography will be more casual than anything else, although there can be some elements of it that verge on playful. Because of this, informal wedding photography can be less expensive than some other styles.

Portrait Wedding Photography. Now, while this style is more geared toward showing more of your personality than other styles, portrait wedding photography can be very revealing. This style is one in which the photographer will take a group of pictures during the bride’s wedding day and then compile them into a scrapbook or album. In this way, you get to see who you really are on your wedding day, but you also get to see the personality of the bride through the pictures. Portrait wedding photography can be a great choice if you want to see more of yourself as a person before getting married.

Post-production Wedding Photography. If you don’t want to wait for your wedding day to come around to have your pictures developed and printed, then consider using post-production methods of photography. There are a number of different post-production options for wedding photography, but the most popular are probably the slideshow techniques and the art book styles. With either of these techniques, the photographer will simply take a series of pictures around the ceremony site, at various moments, and then assemble them into a slideshow that can be viewed on your computer, on DVD, or in an art book. Many brides are turning to post-production options to save money on their wedding, but keep in mind that each of these is a process – and can be expensive if not done correctly.

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